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Election 2016

President Trump? Actual title: 'a sharp suit,a firm grip, and the nuclear family' might have broken the layout of this aged site. Bill Sandifer's take on this broken system.

Culture, Humor & Satire

It's Plausible Now that Bush II and co are out of the big house, it's almost pain free to imagine what might have been. -by John Sammon Bowling Bowling was part of your youth. It's a statement. Not a question. But what about bowling now? -by Jack CarsonJesus Bomb - The Second Coming A 10-part, or so, series. this fall on CBS -by Bill SandiferJesus in a UFO The third "Jesus" titled piece on the Rag. Coincidence? Divine intervention? You decide. -by Michael Gray A Little Light Morning Reading Bush and Condi and the daily morning ritual... as Bill Sandifer sees it. Is Bush Dead? The US government has been pullin' the wool over our eyes for too long -by Peter NagourneyRant/ReRant Reserve your tix for Batman XV before it's too late -by John GillThe International Volcanic Abatement Treaty Sheldon Wimpfen, "Stop volcanoes now!" Nutritional Foods and You Flip over the wrong rock at a random Vegas convention and you'll find it... How to Get Published The Dirty Rag's Clare clears the way Make your own Douchebag Hey, it rhymes with 'dirty rag'

Political Art

It's The Nest Stupid John Robertson on the environment No Early Withdrawals John Robertson's take on... well, you decide Santee John Robertson tackles the holidays Killing Time On Death Row The first installment from John Robertson Now Cough More on smoking from John Robertson

Dirty Rag Election 2000 Archive

Eleven Enlightening Pieces on the 2000 Presidential Election Debacle - all of the Rag's material from Bush vs Gore I

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Primates and or Morals

Freud and Religion Read the Unintentional Empowerment Spiel, a fresh reconstruction and critique of Sigmund Freud on religion. Of Dichotomies and Morals A defense of veneer theory at the expense of Frans de Waal Mirror Neurons - Where are Morals? Recap of recent research identifying where moral faculty resides in the brain. Ultimatum Game and de Waal If we prove other primates have a concept of fairness, do they have morals? Ravens, Primates, Morals (& de Waal) Ravens are smart. Really smart. How smart? We just told you! Clearly smarter than you. Game Theory, Meet Veneer Theory Examining the economy of Frans de Waal's veneer theory vis-a-vis game theory.

Holiday Cheer

Killing In The Name Of People always said Dan Dreifort needed to pick his battles - what will they say now? Who Would Jesus Bomb? JC is coming back, and some think he's gonna be angry

US Law

Amicus Brief: Elk Grove v. Newdow Mister Thorne and the pesky Pledge. Does it pull us apart - or keep us together?


A Rush to Judgement: My Rush Concert Experience -by Bryan Gibson Our Protest Songs Are Here In dire times, Sleater-Kinney Rocks! -by Josh Frank


Diabetes How can you have diabetes and not be a diabetic?! -by Jack Carson Female Castration Will End Prostitution But might piss off a few women -by Shut Up Ed Mifepristone (RU-486): Myths and Truths Christina Xenos examines the controversy Touchy Subject of Abortion Christina Glawson provides a counterpoint of sorts to the piece above Memory Foam Mattress The history of the memory foam mattress and its... um, well, that's about it. -by Evan Knowles


Survivors - from Boom to Bust Who are the true survivors of the dot-com bust? More importantly, who are the victims? Sarah Town knows. Life, Liberty and a Mocha Latté It's 02-02-02 The WEF hits NYC, but don't worry... you can still have your coffee -by Ethan McCarty What Economic Slowdown? Winfield Patterson heard the rumors too. A near-striking peek at the reality of the bear. The Road to Hell How the best intentions have enslaved the middle class and impoverished the political debate -by Winfield Patterson What's Wrong With a "Targeted Tax Cut"? Nothing, if you don't mind being a moving target -by Winfield Patterson


The Conquest of Iran Extraterrestrial expert Der Voron and the future of our favorite spoke on the axis of evil. The Devil Gets its Revenge Mister Thorne Elucidates seemingly bizarre and often deadly Islamic rituals. "I Go... Eating Beans... Now." Ethan Field's overview of the Tanzanian educational system, including some political and cultural issues which affect it. Deserting an Old Friend A selective history of the holy land - and more -by Jonathan Ida A Tale of Two PresidentsEthan Field's Terrifying Tanzanian Tales

Election 2004

On Dennis Kucinich in the Fray Josh Frank on one of the brighter stars in the dim Dem sky

US News

House Passes Anti-Heretic Act Bush authorizes discrimination against Jews - Masses stunned... just kidding about the second part Religion in the News Bush and pals think religious discrimination is great God hates those damn damning pastors and MORE! Bellowing Over Pipes Should Daniel Pipes, an "Islam expert head the US Institute of Peace? Some don't think so. Thou Shalt Defy the Court Ten Commandments out of schools! No. Wait... Ten Commandments OK in schools - Mister Thorne OK, Kids; All Together Now A companion piece to the article above... but this time it's that gosh dern pledge - Mister Thorne Carpe Jugulum A Cool and Logical Defense of the Death Penalty and a Proposal For Methods - Winfield Patterson Quoth the Simian, "Four Years More" Tim Trader's political satire a la E. A. Poe captures the creative interpretative political vein, and loads it with SOMA Save Our Donuts Clyde Gallagher's prose tackles the kludge of a seemingly endless dilemma On the Tyranny of Centrism Frank Longano's brave new political paradigm


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