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Women - Touchy Subject of Abortion - Christina Glawson

I have a problem with the way people justify their actions. Namely, how can people make a choice to murder another human being without remorse?

If you are not familiar with the saline death of an infant in-utero allow me to fill you in. Saline abortions are when the mother of an infant decides she no longer can deal with the idea of having a child for what ever reason, (mostly selfish ones) goes to an abortionist between the 12th week and her due date, and pays the doctor, or what ever you call Him, to inject her unborn child's warm sanctuary, "or placenta" with salt. In doing this, the infant-to-be slowly begins to inhale and drink the salt water while his or her skin slowly burns, turning it lovely shades of red with blotchy patches of blue, eventually resulting in death. It is then extracted from its mother with forceful unnatural contractions, sometimes dismembering the fragile body, which is then thrown out like trash.

Doesn't that sound like a wonderful way to go?

Now people are obviously going to do and get away with what they want in this great country, so my mind and others will always be haunted with the horrors of abortion. But the thing I don't understand is that sometimes that infant survives the horror that has disrupted its environment only to be left out on a surgical tray to slowly die.

Sometimes it takes eight hours or so of being in the cold air of the clinic or longer, depending on the infants will to live. In some cases the infant is beaten to death or cut open like a frog in a science project.

Either way, its fragile body is tormented with a twisted, cold, heartless death brought on by those who we trust every day to save our lives.

Here is a case scenario for you to weigh out in your own head. A sixteen-year-old girl gives birth to an infant. Scared of what her parents or peers may think of her, she wraps her child in a blanket and lays her down in front of a business only to be ignored until death creeps in.

What about the bag lady looking for her next fix? drops her child in a dumpster to die from neglect only because her drive for drugs is stronger than her will to live or love.

Both women tried and prosecuted in jail for twenty to life for the murder of their own infants. Now I ask you is there something wrong with this picture? When women abort their infants, it is their choice.

Doctors continue to carry out heinous crimes day after day in this same horrible manor.

I guess those crimes are justified because of their clinics, or so-called professional surroundings, or because of the paper the women sign before their babies' death. allowing doctors to murder over and over and over, until maybe someday when they may figure out what a horrid life they have led and try to redeem themselves before their own death.

Maybe if enough people cared.

I guess only in death our questions will be answered.