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The future.

Dear readers, dear officials. In connection with the coming conquest of Iran, (and the film about Alexander the Great and his conquests,) may I propose official renaming of some Iranian, Afghan, and Pakistani provinces to their Ancient Greek equivalents.

For instance:
Fars ==> Persis
Gurgan ==> Hyrcania
Hamadan and Tehran provinces ==> Media
Kerman ==> Carmania
Kurdistan ==> Gordiena (Corduena)
Khuzistan ==> Susiana
Mazendaran ==> Amardia or even Mitanni
Semnan ==> Parthia
South Azerbaijan ==> Atropatene
Sistan and Baluchestan ==> Sacastane
Baluchestan (partially situated in Pakistan) ==> Gedrosia
Yazd ==> Sagartia
Zanjan ==> Cadusia

Iraq (which was once partly a province of Iran and who's capital Baghdad, meaning "given by god," is Iranian by origin.) ==> Mesopotamia

Herat (former part of Iran, now in Afghanistan) ==> Aria
Zabul (former part of Iran, now in Afghanistan) ==> Drangiana
Kandahar (former part of Iran, now in Afghanistan) ==> Arachosia
Merv (former part of Iran, now in Turkmenistan) ==> Margiana


Tehran ==> Rhaga
Hamadan ==> Ecbatana
Tus ==> Susia
Madain (now in Iraq) ==> Ctesiphon


Karun ==> Pasitigris etc.

Iran herself was called Ariana by the Ancient Greeks .

To be continued...