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Women - Female Castration Will End Prostitution - Shut up Ed

Do it for the children, do it for America.

I recently attended a televangelist convention in Las Vegas. I knew the city had a reputation for debauchery, and I thought I had prepared myself. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for what I was going to see. The gambling and liquor were both disgusting, but I was most shocked by the LEGAL prostitution that is rampant in the state of Nevada. As a Christian concerned with women's issues, I have decided that I must speak out on this matter.

My faith in humanity was wounded in Sin City, but it heals as I push forward in a quest to rid the world of the so-called "oldest profession". Many people disapprove of prostitution, but before now no one has managed to come up with a viable method for ridding the world of this blight. I am known for my creative solutions to the world's problems, and my solution for this problem will be no different.

To end prostitution we must first understand prostitution, as well as the whores themselves. The first thing we must understand is what it is that makes a bitch become a ho. Although there are many factors involved, for the purpose of this essay, I will only address the major causes. Laziness, molestation, a general lack of employable skills, and financial strife are the ingredients that make up a hooker.

Laziness is the first link in a chain of factors that can push a woman into ill repute. Women are mostly lazy, and they detest anything resembling 9 to 5 employment. They usually learn this by observing the behavior of their mothers, who lay around the house all day getting fat, and practicing fellatio on sugarcoated sticks of butter. A little girl often wants to imitate the behavior of their mother, so they too become lazy.

Eventually the day comes when a little girl realizes that polishing daddy's knob is the only reason mommy doesn't have to work. This usually leads to little girls propositioning their fathers, attempting to gain toys and candy in exchange for sexual favors. Men are generally noble creatures, and as such they find the idea of sexual relations with a child revolting. Alas men are carnal creatures, and after several offers, during a drunken stupor a man will often slip up and agree to their daughter's proposition.

Please do not misunderstand these proclamations; the act of a man engaging in sexual relations with their own child is unquestionably morally reprehensible. However, it is mostly because of laziness in women that this ungodly act occurs, and molestation is the first step towards a life filled with mouth herpes and genital warts. When a father gives in to his daughter's advances it promotes her materialism, and allows her to maintain the belief that she can substitute sex for work.

This belief leads to the next factor on my list, a lack of employable skills. A girl who learns that she can get anything she wants, simply by opening one of her various orifices, never bothers to learn any of the real world job skills that she will need to survive once her skin starts sagging. As a woman ages the street value for a shot at her kooter goes down, however the extreme laziness they have been instilled with prevents them from seeking further education or vocational training.

This leads to the final ingredient on my list, financial strife. This factor is responsible for keeping prostitutes in the game than for actually causing it. Moreover, as a woman's financial situation worsens she often begins to invent new and more perverse sins for which she can charge higher rates. As these women are not very intelligent, they are often forced to go to a pimp who will teach them increasingly heinous sins.

The pimps teach the whores how find and utilize their unique attributes. One girl I interviewed had a glass eye, and her pimp had taught her how to satisfy a man with the empty socket. Another was very ticklish, and for a few extra dollars a john was allowed to tickle her as he finished copulation with her mouth, thus the girl would laugh and milk would come out of her nose. I only describe these experiences to illustrate the level of depravity our society has reached, and to enforce the necessity of an end to this profession.

As I have outlined above, laziness is the main link in this chain of degradation. Since women learn laziness from a never-ending cycle involving their mothers, there is no viable method of stopping it directly. The reason women choose prostitution over traditional work is because they enjoy sex, and therefore do not see it as work. So the only logical way to prevent women from becoming prostitutes is to prevent them from enjoying it. This can be accomplished by means of female castration.

It is a medical fact that removing the clitoris of a woman prevents her from feeling sexual pleasure. I propose that upon the third conviction of prostitution, all hookers will be taken to the nearest state hospital to have their clitoris removed. Once this is done the women will no longer feel pleasure from being a prostitute, and will finally find the motivation to learn a legitimate skill.

Many cultures throughout the world have used Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) to tame the dubious nature of women. It is time that the United States joins the rest of the world, and harness the power of this simple medical procedure to end the horrifically sinful practice of prostitution in our great country.