dirty rag

Jesus in a UFO - Michael Gray

God, through incarnations in the human world, has become cynical and apathetic towards direct communication! A review of history speaks for itself with tales of Messianic torture, crucifixion, disembowel and dismemberment! All of course in the name of religion, fictitious God, or revolution crushing! Humans have paid dearly for these actions through cataclysm and oppressive blood thirsty rulers!

Without divine compassion life may have been altered forever! Whether God is here or there, micro or macrocosm, this world cannot survive without! Let us show some respect this time!

Terrible visions from these past lives do not escape embodiment and complicate the process of breaking through alive! God’s host must balance these emotions to evolve physically and mentally, otherwise the body and mind will be consumed with fear, dread, hysteria, paranoia and doubt while detesting human life! Too often the divine birth is predict ed by a devil embedded within the church, a government, or both and the vehicle is sacrificed for earthly treasures and supernatural powers! Admittedly, they came within sight of success but failed! Thank God! Their own anticipated awakening back fired and delivered a hellish nightmare that will be acted out for eternity in the temple of the Phantom!

Humans can assist by protecting the host from physical harm and by warding off its many enemies that use mental abuse, threats, and intimidation to confuse and create unwarranted crisis in an effort to alter the thought process from continuing with the great work!

It appears the devils failed their master and God has awakened!

This can only mean one thing! Bad news for the wicked! Let us remember that God created this Nation with great intentions! Yes, the tragedies of black slavery, suppression of women, and the mistreatment of the native peoples had to be resolved effect ively! This took time because humans are violent creatures and as stated above have even slaughtered God multiple times through history! Try teaching them compassion! More progress is needed and will follow, however your attempts at rewriting history and degrading the founding fathers of the Nation because they owned slaves is unacceptable! Leave this kind of forgiveness to God if you can’t handle it yourself!

As a matter of fact, the earth used to contain many beautiful creatures that no longer exist in this realm! Over time humans decided these creatures were evil so they began killing them ruthlessly! The dragon was my favorite! Some of these creatures still return temporarily and wish they could make peace and return home one day! Nowhere near will you find pastures, mountains, rivers and oceans as beautiful as these! These peaceful beings were sighted weeks ago above Great Britain! I believe they want to help you but are too afraid to approach!

Releasing Johnston was an unexpected gesture of good will and is noted, however the sincerity will be scrutinized and you will be watched closely for if you believe you can fool the divine you will learn that salt is bitter! Welcome home!

These writings should be preserved and protected at all cost! Never allow these words to be destroyed again by idiotic holy men, clerics, witches, tyrants, morons, etc. It has become awfully redundant over time! At any moment this could abruptly end!

A million thanks to all the U.S. Warriors and all those fighting alongside them around the world! God thanks you for your commitment to Justice and bows in recognition of your contribution to Freedom! May Excalibur force the enemy to knees and beg for your mercy! Long live!

The use of herbs for mystical thought is a natural instinct and should not be a crime because these are gifts from God! Intoxicants made by human hand are the problem! Too many are incarcerated under current drug laws that do not distinguish between the natural and human made substances! Consider revising!

Excellent speech President Bush! You are a golden spirit with an impenetrable heart! Awesome job! You will be reveled in time! Your critics hate you because you love God! Send them my way! I will show them something that will change their minds!

Happy Independence Day! Celebrate and praise the Patriots of Freedom from today and yesterday! God bless you all!