The Dirty Rag
The Dirty Rag

Bill of Rights

Brady Bill
Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms
Charter of the United Nations
Constitution of the United States
Constitutional Ammendments
Declaration of Independence
Emancipation Proclamation
French Declaration of the Rights of Man
Geneva Convention pt.1 (the wounded and sick)
Geneva Convention pt.2 (civilians)
Gettysburg Address
International Tropical Timber Agreement
Iroquois Constitution
Thomas Jefferson's First Inaugural Address
Laws of William the Conqueror
Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
Magna Carta
Nelson Mandela's Inaugural Address
Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech, "I Have a Dream"
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
The Communist Manifesto
UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
UN Convention - Protection of Flora and Fauna
UN Convention Against Torture
UN Convention on Nature Protection
UN Convention on the Ozone Layer
UN Convention on Racial Descrimination
UN Convention on Refugees
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
UN Convention on Trade in Endangered Species
UN Convention on the Regulation of Whaling
UN World Charter for Nature
Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement
Virginia Declaration of Rights
Washington's Farewell to his Troops


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