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Presidential Election 2000

Al Gore is Bulletproof
The future of Al Gore: A lost soul; He will go where all great ex-veeps go... someplace warm -By Winfield Patterson

Behind The Numbers
Mike McCrea, The Dirty Rag's resident pessimist takes a number-crunching look at the election results

Spoiler Nader Hurts Liberal Cause
How Nader ruined it for the liberals by Matt Toledo

In Response To Mr. Toledo
Carlton Alabaster contends that Matt Toledo was a bit off the mark in the article above

Naive Alliances
The Presidential election = Yale vs. Harvard on the artificial turf of the American media -by Ethan Rand

How "we" Elect The President
Aaron Rogers' brief explanation of the shady Electoral College system

Recycle Your Vote
Craig Butz doesn't want you to throw it away either

The Lesser Evil
Mike McCrea has spent a good deal of time losing faith in politics, but doesn't think you should

Ugly Hubris, Mr. Patterson?
Never before has a pronoun so eloquently captured the spirit of Washington. In response to "Al Gore is Bulletproof" above.

Accusations of Presumptuous Pride
The war of political words between The Dirty Rag's premier writers continues- in response to "Ugly Hubris..." above

The First Hundred Days
Winfield Patterson has it all mapped out



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