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Paraphrasing Webster's, a "dirty rag" is a scandalous newspaper, especially one specializing in sensationalism. We're not so unseemly, but that's close enough to the gist. The Dirty Rag is a semi-political e-zine written by your motivated peers. We try to represent all semi-literate walks of life. The, "Jane, you ignorant slut," refrains typical of Jane Curtin and Dan Ackroyd's "Point-Counterpoint" parody from SNL's heyday are what we're looking for. See something with which you disagree? Counterflames encouraged.

Most mass media news outlets either gloss over issues, or more often, ignore them completely. There is no lack of hotly contested subject matter, only a sordid deficiency of venues to examine the significant data thereof. Conversely, alternative media sources are usually either slanted toward a particular philosophy or are so plucky as to deny the average Joe and Jane the opportunity to mouth off. That sucks.

If you're able to write at or above a third-grade level, our editors can probably work with your material. As a zero-profit non-entity, (our minimal ads don't even cover domain hosting) The Dirty Rag can not currently offer compensation for published works - other than the respect and disdain of your peers and the satisfaction of being published... which doesn't look too shabby on a résumé. The Dirty Rag wants YOU!

Dirty Rag Chief Editor Dan Dreifort's manifesto is currently over 15,000 pages. UncoolCentral.com is his portal. ...but ultimately, the skilled (or otherwise) writers are wholly responsible for The Dirty Rag. Without them you'd be stuck with CNN.

The Dirty Rag is updated whenever we get new material; ie. not often.

Looking for a venue to publish your manifesto? Look no further.

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